We are present in Milan and Turin,
Italy but our staff can travel anywhere in Italy or abroad.


Workline Service takes care of your projects. Thanks to qualified, expert, and professional staff everything will be handled in accordance to guidelines and best practice when it comes to security and equipment.

Our personnel:
– is trained on the use of personal protective equipment (footwear, helmets, gloves, etc.)
– is prepared to manage and mitigate workplace risk (as required by law)
– is competent, thanks to continuous professional development

is able to do the job in any place or situation. They are easily identified thanks to personalized clothing and a nametag. We put professionalism at your service!



Workline Service rents diesel and electric forklifts of all kinds and for any use, guaranteeing maximum flexibility and increased productivity. We are by your side for the entirety of the process, from helping you choose the best equipment for your needs, to providing support during the rental period. All of our operators have the necessary paperwork and have participated in the required training (Accordo Stato Regione – Attrezzature del 22/02/2013).


Workline Service provides equipment that guarantee the same level of care in transporting all dimensions of objects.
Short forks 1.20 m Capacity: 2,500 kg Material: painted steel Fork Length: 1,220 mm Fork width: 150 mm Frame width: 1,902 mm Turning radius: 1,437 mm
Long forks 2 m Capacity: 2,000 kg Material: painted steel Fork Length: 2,000 mm Fork width: 150 mm Frame width: 2,682 mm Turning radius: 2,217 mm


Workline doormen work days and nights. Our trained personnel adheres to building guidelines; can fill in for existing doormen on leave and carry out other duties as need (cleaning, sorting mail, signing for packages. Unarmed guard service is carried out 24 hours a day with checkpoints. Every one of our staff can work autonomously and handle any emergency.


Workline Service offers the staff and equipment necessary to guarantee maximum cleanliness in both commercial and residential settings. Services for condominiums range from cleaning, watering plants during the Summer and spreading salt and removing snow in the winter, in addition to garbage disposal.
Commercial cleaning services include fulfilling regular or ad hoc needs in warehouses, offices, or any areas which need cleaning. The right staff and equipment allow us to reach the required level of cleanliness and hygiene in any space. Every duty will be fulfilled with professionalism and dedication.