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Our strength is experience. Our experience is over time.
Our time goes up to 3,000 like the events we carry out every year.

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Workline Service is renowned for the numerous events and concerts in which it has provided its staff. We are in fact able to support the companies we collaborate with in setting up locations, both indoors and outdoors, for holding events of any kind.

The maximum result in every service we offer. Our range of services includes:
Porterage, Forklift and Manual Pallet Truck Rental, Removals, Civil and Industrial Cleaning, Runner Driver and Catering Assistants, Concierge

Our staff responds in a precise and timely manner by putting at your disposal the preparation and professionalism acquired “in the field”.
Each of our workers is trained and informed on the use of PPE (accident prevention shoes, helmets, gloves, etc.) and on the risks inherent in the workplace in which they work, as required by current safety regulations.

The staff is always easily identifiable and recognizable thanks to the personalized clothing and identification tag (Legislative Decree 81/2008). Workline service aims, in addition to the quality of the service performed, to the prevention/safety of its worker through refresher courses for each individual worker.


Events each year

Mainly in Milan and Turin, but not only


Events Service

We have been working in the events sector for 20 years



A pool of professionals at your service to ensure maximum results in every performance

Our professionalism at your service

Our staff is constantly trained, trained and competent

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